Sample Buffer

T-Pro Laemmli (SDS sample) Reagent (reducing 4X)

T-Pro Laemmli (SDS sample) Reagent (non-reducing 4X)


Most of the protein solutions or cell-suspension can be mixed with sample buffer and analyzed directly using western blotting. Quite often, the electrophoresis system of choice is Tris-glycine discontinuous SDS-polyacrylamide gel. Other systems can be substituted, but the only difference will be that of appropriate sample buffer. To analyze a protein sample directly, two conditions should be satisfy:
A) If the protein sample is in solution, it must be in a buffer that is compatible with the gel electrophoresis system.
B) The concentration of the proteins in the sample must not exceed the loading capacity for the gel system.
For SDS-PAGE, samples can be prepared by a number of methods, but the common method for preparing the samples for western blotting are either to lyse the entire cell or tissue mass or protein solution in sample buffer and put the sample in boiling water bath for 5 min. Load the total cell-lysate on a gel. T-Pro provides following buffers that are useful to lyse and analyze a protein sample in western blotting.