MycoClean spray

T-Pro MycoClean spray


It is about 60%~ 70% of cells culture which is polluted by mycoplasma in the world. The mycoplasma are among the smallest and clone of bacteria that can be duplicated by oneself. The size are around 0.1~0.8ums and having no cell wall. So, they are immune to some antibiotics as panicillin. It can be suppressed it to breed when in the heat of alcohol and acetaldehyde. The mycoplasma are free-living on around of the nature, include the incubator or biological safety cabinet of lab.  

A bacterial contaminant are always sourcing from the pollution of overflowing culture solution, though the culture solution had dried, the mycoplasma can be lived in a while. And the most of source of pollution come from the water bath. Also, the mycoplasma can be survived in the pure water even.

Generally speaking, the air was filtered through HEPA filter on the oprations of biological safety cabinet.Although mycoplasma will not float with the wind as the spore,it will probably pollute on the ventilation pipe directly probably, fan etc and enters the aseptic operations area directly.

The heating has been the effective getting rid of the polluted of mycoplasma. Someone removes the mycoplasma with the medicament of content including formaldehyde. For mycoplasma,germ and virus, you will be getting a extremely efficiency to choice the T-Pro MycoClean spray. The user can to wipe away by paper in about 2 minutes after apply T-Pro MycoClean spray or may to wait for volatilization naturally in 10 minutes.


  • It can wiped out mycoplasma by quickly
  • Spray, easy to use and operation simply
  • It is not the corrosive agent, not the carcinogen
  • Suitable for the superficial and apparatus of laboratory  


T-Pro MycoClean spray can wiped out the pollution of mycoplasma efficiently, it has extremely good clean results too for a variety of bacteria and virus (Such as Staphyhococcus aureus、Streptococcus faecalis、Escherichia coli、Proteus mirabilis、Pseudomonas aeruginosa、Candida albicans、HBV、Papova-、Adeno-、Polio- and Vaccinia Viridae). So, T-Pro MycoClean spray  is a good clean sanitizer.