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Western Blot Stripping Buffer

T-Pro Western Blot Stripping Reagent


Stripping Reagent for Western Blot is formulated to effectively remove the antibodies from Western blot that have been developed with chemiluminescence. The membrane can be nitrocellulose or PVDF/nylon. The stripped membrane can be re-probing for the Western Blot and for mass spectrometry.

Reuse of blots offers many advantages

•  Effective use of sample that is available in limited amounts.       
•  Comparison of images obtained with different antibodies in the same blot.
•  Confirmation of results with the same or different antibodies.
•  It is simple, more economical and less time consuming to reprobe and mass spectrometry


-  Strip blot in 5~15 minutes.
-  Incubation at room temperature.
-  No stench smelling and without addition of 2-mercaptoethanol or its analogs.
-  A propriety formulation with an eco-friendly and non-hazardous organic solvent (with light odor) and can completely disassociate the bound antibodies

Protocol of T-Pro Western Blot Stripping Reagent

1. Pour 10 ml stripping reagent to a clean container and put the membrane in the container. Make sure that the membrane is fully submerged with the stripping buffer.
2. Incubate the membrane in stripping reagent at room temperature for 3 minutes with strong agitation for twice. For the high affinity antibodies, the incubation time need to be optimized, 5~10 minutes stripping at 37℃ is usually sufficient for most of antibodies.
3. Wash the membrane twice by using TBS-T or PBS-T at room temperature in large volumes (e.g. 100 ml) for 3 minutes.
Stripping working time 3 minStripping Reagent store RT