Protein Electrophoresis Gel Solution

T-Pro EZ Gel Solution 6%

T-Pro EZ Gel Solution 8%

T-Pro EZ Gel Solution 10%

T-Pro EZ Gel Solution 12%

T-Pro EZ Gel Solution 15%


·       High gel strength - allows easier handling.

·       Ready to use in less than 10-15 minutes, just add TEMED and APS to polymerize the gel.

·       No stacking gel required - permits longer gel separations.

·       High resolution gels for protein separation across a broad molecular weight range.

T-Pro EZ Gel Slotion

High Resolution SDS-PAGE

The ready-to-pour SDS-PAGE system for high resolution protein gel electrophoresis. 

T-Pro EZ Gel Slotion is a revolutionary ready-to-pour pre-mixed solution of acrylamide, bisacrylamide, gel buffer and SDS that enables ultra-fine resolution of protein bands.

The unique acrylamide matrix of T-Pro EZ Gel Slotion slows the progression of proteins, eliminating the need for a stacking gel. This not only saves time, but also permits the proteins to run across a longer gel surface, resulting in increased resolution.

T-Pro EZ Gel Slotion ensures batch-to-batch consistency for reliable, reproducible results on each gel run. It may be used with all standard SDS-PAGE equipment and all common staining procedures.

T-Pro EZ Gel Slotion is compatible with most downstream applications including 1D and 2D gels, Western blotting, protein sequencing and Maldi analysi. 

Optimize Performance

Improve resolution and increase separation range!

• Separate 10 kDa and 250 kDa proteins on the same gel.

• Resolution matches or exceeds pre-cast gradient gels.

Maximize Time Savings

Pour and polymerize gels in 20 minutes!

• Ready-to-pour solution eliminates mixing and measuring.

• No stacking gel needed. Add APS/TEMED and pour.

• One buffer system, Use MOPS SDS running buffer 200V 25-35 mins.

Realize Value

Unsurpassed quality and cost savings compared to pre-cast gels!

• No hazardous shipping fees.

• Much less expensive than pre-cast gels.

• Room temperature stable for 2 years.


T-Pro EZ Gel Solution is "ready-to-run" SDS polyacrylamide solutions polymerize into an advanced molecular sieve for the electrophoretic separation of proteins. Because of the advanced buffer chemistry used in the gel matrix solution, T-Pro EZ Gels allow a single separating gel. No stacking gel is required, as the T-Pro EZ Gel Solution proprietary formulation inherently stacks the protein samples during the normal electrophoresis run. Band resolution is unparalleled over a molecular range of 2.5 to 250 kDa. The new hybrid formulation of T-Pro EZ Gel Solution gives these gels an increased gel strength, which allows for easier handling. T-Pro EZ Gel Solution will work with all types of universal electrophoresis apparatus. Our gel mixtures are formulated for optimal performance in mass spectrometry-based proteomics experiments.