Gradient Gel Solution (protein gel)

T-Pro Gradient Gel Solution kit (4-12%)

High Resolution SDS-PAGE

The ready-to-pour SDS-PAGE system for high resolution protein gel electrophoresis.

T-Pro Gradient Gel Solution kit is a revolutionary ready-to-pour pre-mixed solution of acrylamide, bis/acrylamide, gel buffer and SDS that enables ultra-fine resolution of protein bands.

T-Pro Gradient Gel Solution kit ensures batch-to-batch consistency for reliable, reproducible results on each gel run. It may be used with all standard SDS-PAGE equipment and all common staining procedures.

T-Pro Gradient Gel Solution kit is compatible with most downstream applications including 1D and 2D gels, Western blotting, protein sequencing.

Optimize Performance

Improve resolution and increase separation range!

• Separate 10 kDa and 250 kDa proteins on the same gel.

• Resolution matches or exceeds pre-cast gradient gels.

• Maximize Time Savings, pour and polymerize gels in 15-30 minutes!

• Ready-to-pour solution eliminates mixing and measuring.

• Add APS/TEMED and pour.

• No hazardous shipping fees.

• Much less expensive than pre-cast gels.

• Room temperature stable for 2 years.

T-Pro Gradient Gel Solution kit (4-12%), (8x10cm, 1mm)

Solidification Time: (Only add TEMED & 10%APS)

Resolving Gel: 15mins, Stacking Gel: 15mins,

Electrophoresis: (TGS running buffer)

Stacking Gel: 50V 25mins, Resolving Gel: 100V 70-90mins,


cell lysis (10ul/well) , Protein marker 10kDa -180kDa (5ul/well)