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Transfection Reagent (liposomal)

T-Pro Transfection Reagent I

T-Pro Transfection Reagent II

T-Pro Transfection Reagent III


T-ProTransfection Reagentis a proprietary formulation for the transfection of DNA and RNA into eukaryotic cells and forms the covalent binding with nucleic acid to provide the highly efficiency and low cyto-toxicity.

T-ProTransfection Reagentcan be used in many cell types including HEK293, 293T, 293E, CHO, COS1, HeLa, NIH 3T3, Sf9 and Sf21. Furthermore,

T-Pro Transfection Reagent also has high transfection efficiency when applied in other eukaryotic cells.


-  Low cytotoxicity for most of tumor cell lines and primary cells

-  Exceptional transfection efficiency of a broad range of cell types

-  Efficient transfection with or without serum

-  High levels of recombinant protein production

-  Simple, robust transfection procedure