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T-Pro Western Blot Enhancer Kit

It’s normal to the antibody recycling in Western Blot related tests, its intentions are economical and speeding up our progress. The new product of 「T-Pro Western Blot Enhancer Kit」 can effectively speed up Western Blot progress and economize on the dose of antibody. You can also avoid the reducing efficacy of recycling antibody, and it increases the signal to 10~1000 times when its signal is too weak to measure. As to the transfer membrane, our suggestion is that using the material of NC will get better result than using the material of PVDF because of using the transfer membrane of PVDF will interfere by higher context form evaluation.

Several characteristics of T-Pro Western Blot Enhancer Kit listed below
• It is effective use when samples are few or hard to harvest.
• It increases of the antibody signal 10~1000 times when it too weak to detect.
• Saving Time: It reduces to half to one-forth the antibody operation time when you follow the antibody supplier reference.
• Saving Cost: It reduces to half to one-tenth antibody dose.
(Note: It is difficult to look after both side to saving time and reducing the antibody dose!)